Porcelain Doll Feels ElectroSex

Suspended in chains with arms behind her back and legs spread, I open the session by fucking her with an electrically charged dildo, a Hitachi Magic Wand and sparking her nipples with a cattle prod, bringing out the first round of many mind-blowing orgasms.

Tattooed Cutie Is Electro-Fucked!

Tied up to a table, legs in the air giving full access to her ass and pussy her electrosex starts out by wiring her ass and abs. She gets fucked silly with an electrical strap-on while controlling her muscles with the pads, adding to her agony with nipple clamps.

Experiencing Intense Electric Sex

AnnaBelle is prepped for electrtric sex by sitting on her ass, legs spread and arms secured with copper piping and secured to the ground with a copper strap. I spank her pussy a little then turn the copper on, causing involuntary spams as she eats my pussy.

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Her Introduction to Electric Sex

The restraints give me easy access to her tender pussy. I let the Violet Wand run where it may on her body and shock her with the Zapper until both are on the soles of her feet.

Felony Loves Electricity!

Felony's been in the business longer than I have. But nothing she's ever done could have prepared her for an intense Electrosluts anal, double penetration and squirting ordeal. Don't miss this electric sex!

Surprising Shocks from a Cage

Mallory's not just locked in a cage, she's locked in a cage with a Violet Wand Plate. The Violet Wand Plate delivers a shock to anyone who makes any kind of contact with metal. It is perfect for electro sex.

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Double Pleasure, Double Electrosex

Amber and Kaylee come for electric sex and I tie them both up and strap on my strap-on for fun and games. Tied face to face, they get a sneak peak as to what to expect when the other is being worked over.

Heavy Electro Sex BDSM Assplay

With the help of electro sex toys & a high voltage anal probe, AnnaBelle Lee is tightly bound to learn the pleasure that comes from the pain of heavy electric sex BDSM assplay!

Electric Sex and Copper Wire

Felony if one of the toughest models through the doors for electric sex. There's also no one who cums harder. The combination of these two elements is what makes Felony such a sexy submissive.